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USAs, Amerikansk musik

USA. Musikhistorie ; Aktuelle og historiske musikorganisationer ; Pladeselskaber ; Komponister ; Musikgrupper - og solister ; Country & Western ; Folkemusik ; Jazz ; Klassisk musik ; Opera ; Pop ; Soul ; Rock ; Arkiver ; Litteratur
US. Music history; Current and historical music organizations; Record companies; Composers; Music groups - and soloists; Folk music; Jazz; Classical music; Opera; Pop; Soul; Rock; Archives; Literature
Musikundervisning og pædagogik / Music Education and Pedagogy:

Originale amerikanske musikgenrer

De amerikanske komponister efterlignede de europæiske frem til første verdenskrig ud fra devisen. Vi kan godt. bl.a. inspireret af den danske emigrant, organisten og komponisten Hans Grams The Massachusetts compiler of theoretical and practical elements of sacred vocal music together with a musical dictionary and a variety of psalm tunes, chorusses, &c., chiefly selected or adapted from modern European publications, 1796. Efterfølgende blev USAs musik mere selvstændig. De amerikanske indianere og inuitters egen musik er kapitler for sig selv. Se eksempelvis

Original American music genres

The American composers imitated the Europeans until the First World War based on the motto. We can do it. Subsequently, the U.S. music became more independent. The American Indians and Inuits own music are chapters for themselves.
American Indian music: more than just flutes and drums : A guide to American Indian music. / : Scott S Prinzing. MusEco Media and Education Project, 2009.
'Provides an overview of different genres of contemporary and traditional American Indian music along with website links for further study. Additionally, the CD accompanies this guide as a supplementary classroom resource. Groups and artists on CD include Apache, Blackfoot Confederacy, Exit Wound, Joseph FireCrow, Jack Gladstone, Jared Stewart, Supaman, Young Grey Horse'.

Originale genres de musique américaine

Original-amerikanischen Musikstilen
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame
Frederic Rzewski. Pianist and composer born April 13, 1938
Musikeksempler: Rzewski Plays Rzewski: Piano Works, 1975-1999 specielt: 36 Variations On 'The People United Will Never Be Defeated.
Charles Amirkhanian and Russ Jennings are joined in the KPFA studio by Frederic Rzewski, an American composer and performer, who has spent much of his adult life living in Rome and Brussels. Rzewski was a founding member of the radical, electronic, music group, Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV), and the composer of a famous set of piano variations based on Sergio Ortega protest song “El Pueblo Undio Jamas Sera Vencido”. He is known for both his remarkable virtuosity as a performer, improviser and composer, as well as his committed involvement in leftist politics. How he resolves these in his work is a challenge which he has pursued with thoughtfulness and inventiveness of an uncommon sort. In this program he introduces a number of his pieces and talks about how his political views have influenced his work. (from KPFA Folio)
Earl Robinson aka Earl Hawley Robinson
American singer-songwriter and composer from Seattle, Washington (born 2 July, 1910 - died 20 July, 1991).
He is remembered for his music, including the songs "Joe Hill," "Black and White," and the cantata "Ballad for Americans." In addition, he wrote many popular songs and was a composer for Hollywood films. His musical influences included Paul Robeson, Leadbelly, and American folk music.
Musikeksempler: Paul Robeson & Earl Robinson Singen das andere Amerika Eterna 8 10 0211959
George Gershwin. Jacob Gershowitz 1898- 1937
Harold L. Walters 1918-1984
- Musikeksempler: Civil War Suite. / : arranged by Harold L. Walters. Chicago : Rubank, 1961, includess the tunes “Abraham’s Daughter,” “Rally ’Round the Flag,” “All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight” and “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.” -
Indspillet af Lyngby-Taarbæk Skolernes Ungdomsharmoniorkester: Lyngby-Taarbæk Skolernes Ungdoms-Harmoniorkester ; Gladsaxe-Mandolinorkester ; begge dir. af Carl Toftlund Reca RLP 4003 1973
Irving Berlin (1888-1989)
Irving Berlin Papers, 1946-83
'Irving Berlin (1888-1989) was a famous composer who wrote popular songs and show tunes for over 70 years. During World War II his theatrical show “This Is The Army” was performed for U.S. troops all over the world. Mr. Berlin donated the profits from the show to the Army Emergency Relief Fund. In 1944 Dwight D. Eisenhower attended a special showing in London and afterward went backstage to congratulate Mr. Berlin and the players. Mr. Berlin appreciated the gesture. After the war he wrote a popular song “I Like Ike” which was used by Eisenhower’s staff during the 1952 presidential campaign. In 1954 Congress authorized a special gold medal to be issued to Mr. Berlin in honor of his patriotic and popular music. Eisenhower presented the medal to Mr. Berlin at a White House ceremony on February 18, 1955.
This collection consists of documents from Mr. Berlin’s files pertaining to his relationship to Dwight D. Eisenhower.'
Musikeksempel: Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
George M. Cohan
John Philip Sousa
Kurt Weill. Kurt Julian Weill 1900-1950 tysk-amerikansk komponist
Franske musikeksempler: Kurt Weill À Paris. Assai 207192 2000
Paul Simon
Samuel A. Ward
Scott Joplin 1868-1917, komponist og pianist.
The Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation
Berlin, Edward A.: King of ragtime : Scott Joplin and his era.
- New York : Oxford University Press, 1994.
"Alphabetical listing of the works of Scott Joplin": p. 260-268
Includes bibliographical references (p. [325]-327), music, and index
The early years, 1868-1893 -- Sedalia, the cradle of classic ragtime -- Scott Joplin in Sedalia, 1894-1898 -- The Maple Leaf Rag, 1899-1900 -- The ragtime dance, 1899-1901 -- The king of ragtime writers, 1901-1902 -- A Guest of Honor, 1903 -- Freddie, 1904 -- Final days in the midwest, 1905-1907 -- New York, 1907-1910 -- Treemonisha, 1910-1911 -- The elusive production, 1911-1917 -- The legacy of Scott Joplin
Thomas Beckett
Se tillige: Carnegie Hall
Music festival under the direction of Walter Damrosch, for the inauguration of "Music hall," founded by Andrew Carnegie, May 5-9, 1891 (1891).
Se også: Amerikanske diskografier ; clawhammer banjo ; Dixieland ; hootenanny ; jug bands ; kultur ; film ; riverboat era ; Woodstock 1969.
Musikgrupper - og solister
Aretha Franklin. Se: Soul.
Arthur Fields
Barbara Dane
Benny Goodman
Bill Haley
Billie Holiday
Billy Joel
Brownie McGhee
Carl Perkins
Crosby, Still, Nash & Young
Denver Darling & his Texas cowboys
Dinning Sisters. Se: Pop. Don Mclean
Doctor Clayton. Se: Blues.
Eddy Arnold
Ella Fitzgerald
Elvis Presley
Gene Autry
Harry Belafonte
Henry Whitter. Se: Blues.
Ike & Tina Turner
James Brown
Jerry Lee Lewis
John Prine
Johnny Cash
Joshua Rifkin
Judge Sturdy & his "Orchestra
Jules Allen
Lauryn Hill
Lil Green. Se: Blues.
Louis Armstrong. Se Jazz.
Marvin Gaye
Meg Christian
Mike Seeger. Se: Folkemusik.
Mr and Mrs Hugh Cross. Se: Country.
Nina Simone. Se: Pop.
Peggy Seeger
Pete Seeger
Paul Robeson
Phil Ochs
Rex Allen
Sol K. Bright & his Hollywaiians. Se: Pop.
Stan Freberg
Tom Lehrer
Suzanne Vega. Se Folk.
Country & Western
John Prine
Country Music Originals: Legends of the Lost. / : Tony Russell. Oxford University Press, 2007.
The Dixie Land Singers Of Jackson Tennessee
Carl T. Sprague
Musikeksempler: Carl T. Sprague The Two Soldiers Native American Ballads RCA Victor Vintage Series LPV-548 1967
"A rare collection of early folk recordings highlighting the heritage of American ballads as performed by such artists as Vernon Dalhart, The Demlont Brothers, Kelly Harrell, Bradley Kincaid, Harry "Mac" McClintock and others.
Reprinted from:
Carl T. Sprague Utah Carroll / The Two Soldiers Victor 21194 1928
John Duffey
Tennessee Ernie Ford. Ernest Jennings Ford 1919-1991
Musikeksempler: Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings Civil War Songs Of The South, 1961
Tennessee Singers
Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band. Se: Blues.
Klassisk musik
Boston Pops Orchestra
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Budapest String Quartet 1917-1967
Joshua Rifkin born 1944 in New York is an conductor, keyboard player, and musicologist. He founded The Nonesuch Consort in 1968 and The Bach Ensemble in 1978.
The Bach Ensemble
Boston Camerata
The Even Dozen Jug Band
The Nonesuch Consort
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Tanglewood Festival Chorus
Aretha Franklin -
Diana Ross & The Supremes. Soul and R&B group, recordings during 1961-1977.
The Supremes
Allen`s archive of early and old country music
Charlemaud Curtis collection of Southwestern music, interviews and programs, 1960s-1987.
The Curtis collection contains a wide variety of music, programs and interviews, available on 89 CDs. Also included are a few flyers and documents relating to programs and events. Among the Native American recordings are Navajo morning songs, a Navajo music and dance workshop, Keresan children's games, songs and stories, and All American Championship Indian powwow dances from the Mescalero Reservation and Ruidoso.
The Frank C. Brown Collection of NC Folklore: Vol. V: The Music of the Folk Songs./ : Newman Ivey White, Jan Philip Schinhan. Duke University Press, 1977 - 687 s.
Robert M Keller: The American-English Country Dance Compendium, 1730-1825. The Colonial Music Institute, 2011.
Vietnam War Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture. / : Compiled by: Jennifer L. Davis and John C. DeMetrick with assistance from Andrew T. Urban, 2010.
University of Colorado at Boulder | University Libraries | AMRC: Guide to the Ben Gray Lumpkin Collection American Music Research Center,University of Colorado, Music Library. / : Compiled by: Professor William Kearns, Volunteer Cassandra M. Volpe, Archivist. May 2001, Revised 2006. - 40 s.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1983-. Cleveland, Ohio
Diskografier og databaser over amerikansk musik
Discographies and databases containing information on American music
Sutton, Allan Directory of American Disc Record Brands and Manufacturers, 1891-1943.
- Westport, CT.: Greenwood Press, 1994. - 308 s.
Check-list of recorded songs in the English language in the Archive of American folk song to July, 1940 I-III, 232+250+146 s. (1942).
'This checklist includes all the songs and stories in English that were recorded for the Archive of American Folk Song between 1933 and August, 1940. The Archive also contains many recordings of folk songs in foreign languages which are not included in the list.'
Eksempelopslag: In the Land of Peace and Plenty. Sung by Gladys, Mattie and Juanita Crouch. St. Louis-, Mo., Sidney Robertson, 1936. 3197 B2
Peace and Freedom. Sung by Alice and Johnnie. St. Louis, Mo., Sidney Robertson, 1936. 3195 B3
The Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings (EDVR), the Victor Talking Machine Company, the University of California, Santa Barbara Libraries.
Library of Congress: the National Jukebox, eksempelvis:
Peace forever march
Vess L. Ossman, performing
Victor 3370, Matrix/Take: [Pre-matrix B-]3370 / 1, 1901-05-16
Se også: Peace Forever March, Edison Grand Concert Band 1899.
Nonesuch Records discography.

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