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USAs indenrigspolitik

US domestic policy
USA er en føderal republik. Den nuværende regering 2017 består af følgende ministerier.
/ The United States is a federal republic. The current government 2017 consists of the following departments.
/ Les Etats-Unis sont une république fédérale. Le gouvernement actuelle 2017 se compose des départements suivants.
/ Los Estados Unidos es una república federal. El gobierno actual 2017 se compone de los siguientes departamentos.
/ Die Vereinigten Staaten sind eine föderale Republik. Die derzeitige Regierung 2017 besteht aus den folgenden Abteilungen.
CRS: Obstruction of Justice: An Overview of Some of the Federal Statutes That Prohibit Interference with Judicial, Executive, or Legislative Activities. / : Charles Doyle, 2014.
CRS: Chuck Mason: Military Justice: Courts-Martial, An Overview. 2011.
CRS: Overview of Constitutional Challenges to NSA Collection Activities. / : Edward C. Liu et al. 2015
'Beginning in summer 2013, media reports of foreign intelligence activities conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) have been widely published. The reports have focused on two main NSA collection activities approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978. The first is the bulk collection of telephony metadata for domestic and international telephone calls. The second involves the interception of Internet-based communications and is targeted at foreigners who are not within the United States, but may also inadvertently acquire the communications of U.S. persons. As public awareness of these programs grew, questions about the constitutionality of these programs were increasingly raised by Members of Congress and others. This report provides a brief overview of these two programs and the various constitutional challenges that have arisen in judicial forums with respect to each.'
CRS: The Fourth Amendment Third-Party Doctrine. / : Richard M. Thompson II, 2014.
'In the 1970s, the Supreme Court handed down Smith v. Maryland and United States v. Miller, two of the most important Fourth Amendment decisions of the 20th century. In these cases, the Court held that people are not entitled to an expectation of privacy in information they voluntarily provide to third parties. This legal proposition, known as the third-party doctrine, permits the government access to, as a matter of Fourth Amendment law, a vast amount of information about individuals, such as the websites they visit; who they have emailed; the phone numbers they dial; and their utility, banking, and education records, just to name a few. Questions have been raised whether this doctrine is still viable in light of the major technological and social changes over the past several decades.
Before there were emails, instant messaging, and other forms of electronic communication, it was much easier for the courts to determine if a government investigation constituted a Fourth Amendment “search.” If the police intruded on your person, house, papers, or effects—tangible property interests listed in the text of the Fourth Amendment—that act was considered a search, which had to be “reasonable” under the circumstances. However, with the advent of intangible forms of communication, like the telephone or the Internet, it became much more difficult for judges to determine when certain surveillance practices intruded upon Fourth Amendment rights. With Katz v. United States, the Court supposedly remedied this by declaring that the Fourth Amendment protects not only a person’s tangible things, but additionally, his right to privacy. Katz, however, left unprotected anything a person knowingly exposes to the public. This idea would form the basis of Smith and Miller. In those cases, the Court held that a customer has no reasonable expectation of privacy in the phone numbers he dials (Smith) and in checks and deposit slips he gives to his bank (Miller), as he has exposed them to another and assumed the risk they could be handed over to the government.'
Det argumenteres gerne, at den anden ændring eller tilføjelse til forfatningen angiveligt forfatningsmæssigt beskytter en privat og individuel ret til at besidde og bære våben.
CRS: Internet Firearm and Ammunition Sales. / : Vivian S. Chu. 2012. - 11 s.
CRS: Gun Control Legislation. / : William J. Krouse, Specialist in Domestic Security and Crime Policy. 2012. - 112 s.
Jack N. Rakove: The Second Amendment: the Highest Stage of Originalism. Chicago-Kent Law Review, Symposium on the Second Amendment vol. 76, 2000: 103.
Optøjer i USA. / : Richard Luscombe et al. I: Information, 31 maj 2020.
USA har ikke oplevet lignende optøjer siden mordet på Martin Luther King : Midt i en dødelig pandemi udløser en video af en sort mand, der bliver kvalt af en politimand, en bølge af massedemonstrationer i USA's storbyer med ildspåsættelser og plyndringer i rige bykvarterer. En rådvild Trump opfordrer militæret til at nedkæmpe opstanden. / : Martin Burcharth. I: Information, 2 juni, 2020.
Den omfattende lov om miljømæssigt ansvar, kompensation og ansvar / The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. Denne lov blev vedtaget af Kongressen den 11. december 1980.

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