Year of publication/Title       Publisher       Author/Editor
Towards a better use                    A&W             W.T. Burke
of the ocean
Communication satellites                A&W             I. Dörfer
(Stockholm Paper 1)

Seismic methods for                     A&W             D. Davies (ed.)
monitoring underground
explosions (Stockholm
Paper 2)
*SIPRI Yearbook 1968/69                 A&W             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals
The ENDC and the press                  A&W             L.N. Gould
(Stockholm Paper 3)

International arrangements              A&W             M. Kalkstein
and control for the
peaceful application of
nuclear explosives
(Stockholm Paper 4)

Seismic methods for monitoring          A&W             D. Davies (ed.)
underground explosions--progress
report to the Seismic Study Group,
1970 (Research Report)

*SIPRI Yearbook 1969/70                 A&W             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodical
The arms trade with                     A&W             F. Blackaby,
the Third World                                         M. Kaldor,
                                                        E. Grenbäck,
                                                        P. Davinic,
                                                        S. Landgren

The rise of CB weapons                  A&W             J. Perry Robinson,
(CBW Vol. I)                                            M. Leitenberg

CB disarmament negotiations,            A&W             J. Goldblat
(CBW Vol. IV)

The prevention of CBW                   A&W             A. Boserup,
(CBW Vol. V)                                            J. Perry Robinson,
                                                        R. Neild,
                                                        S. Hirdman

Seismic methods for                     SIPRI           D. Davies (ed.)
monitoring underground
explosions--1971, progress
report (Research Report 2)

Possible techniques for                 SIPRI           SIPRI
inspection of production
of organophosphorus
compounds (Research
Report 4)
The near-nuclear countries              A&W             S. Hirdman,
and the NPT                                             F. Barnaby,
                                                        J. Goldblat
Resources devoted to                    A&W             R. Forsberg
military research and

The test ban (Research                  SIPRI           R. Nield,
Report 3)                                               M. Leitenberg

Strategic arms limitation,              A&W             J. Goldblat
Part I, The first
agreements (Research
Report 5)

Strategic arms limitation,              A&W             G. Rathjens
Part II, The SALT agreements
and the future of the arms
race (Research Report 6)

Prospects for arms control              A&W             S. Hirdman
in the ocean (Research
Report 7)

Napalm and incendiary                   SIPRI           M. Lumsden
weapons (Research Report 8)

*SIPRI Yearbook 1972                    A&W             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals

Chemical disarmament:                   A&W             SIPRI
some problems of

CB weapons today                        A&W             J. Perry Robinson,
(CBW Vol. II)                                           C-G. Hedén,
                                                        H. von Schreeb

*SIPRI Yearbook 1973                    A&W             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals
The origins of MIRV                     A&W             H. York
(Research Report 9)

CBW and the law of war                  A&W             A. Boserup
(CBW Vol. III)

The meaning and measurement             A&W             R. Huisken
of military expenditure
(Research Report 10)

Ten years of the Partial                A&W             J. Goldblat
Test Ban Treaty, 1963-1973
(Research Report 11)

Force reductions in                     A&W             O. Sukovic,
Europe                                                  C.E. Tottie,
                                                        R. Huisken

The nuclear age                         A&W             F. Barnaby

Nuclear proliferation                   A&W             B. Jasani (ed.)

Oil and security                        A&W             B. Heinebäck

Tactical and                            A&W             K. Tsipis,
strategic antisubmarine                                 R. Forsberg

Offensive missiles                      A&W             K. Tsipis
(Stockholm Paper 5)

French nuclear tests in                 A&W             J. Goldblat
the atmosphere, the
question of legality
(Research Report 12)

The effects of developments             A&W             V. Zubov
in the biological and
chemical sciences on CW
disarmament negotiations
(Research Report 13)

*SIPRI Yearbook 1974                    A&W             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals
Arms trade registers:                   A&W             E. Grenbäck
the arms trade with the
Third World

The arms trade with the                 Penguin         J. Stares (ed.)
Third World (abridged)                  Books
Chemical disarmament:                   A&W             J. Goldblat,
new weapons for old                                     J. Perry Robinson,
                                                        K.K. Babievski
                                                        (Papers from
                                                        Finnish Pugwash)

Delayed toxic effects of                A&W             K.H. Lohs
chemical warfare agents

Disarmament or destruction?             SIPRI           F. Barnaby (ed.)
Armaments and disarmament
(abridged yearbook)

Incendiary weapons                      A&W             M. Lumsden

Nuclear disarmament                     SIPRI           F. Barnaby
or nuclear war?

Preventing nuclear-weapon               SIPRI           F. Barnaby
proliferation:  an approach
to the Non-Proliferation
Treaty Review Conference

Safeguards against                      A&W             B. Sanders
nuclear proliferation

The right to conduct                    A&W             A. Myrdal
nuclear explosions
(Stockholm Paper 6)

SIPRI Yearbook 1975                     A&W             SIPRI

Technical aspects of early              A&W             C-G. Hedén (ed.),
warning and verification                                Å. Ljunggren,
(CBW Vol. VI)                                           T. Nemec,
                                                        J. Lundin,
                                                        K. Sinyak


Armaments and disarmament               A&W             M. Thee (ed.)
in the nuclear age
(yearbook compendium)

Ecological consequences                 A&W             A.H. Westing
of the Second Indochina

The law of war and                      A&W             B. Röling,
dubious weapons                                         O. Sukovic
Medical protection against              A&W             J. Stares (ed.}
chemical-warfare agents

Southern Africa:  the                   A&W             S. Landgren
escalation of a conflict

SIPRI Yearbook 1976                     T&F             SIPRI

Strategic disarmament,                  T&F             A. Karkoszka
verification and
national security

Weapons of mass                         T&F             A.H. Westing
destruction and the

*SIPRI Yearbook 1977                    T&F             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals
Anti-personnel                          T&F             M. Lumsden
Arms control:                           T&F             J. Goldblat
a survey and appraisal
of multilateral
Outer space--battlefield                T&F             B. Jasani
of the future?
Tactical nuclear                        T&F             F. Barnaby (ed.)
weapons:  European

*SIPRI Yearbook 1978                    T&F             SIPRI
*Out-of-print volume that is available as a reprint edition from Schmidt Periodicals

The fight against infectious            SIPRI           C-G. Hedén,
deseases: a role for applied                            K. Sinyak
microbiology in
military redeployment

Implementation of the                   T&F             J. Goldblat
Non-Proliferation Treaty

Nuclear energy and nuclear              T&F             F. Barnaby,
weapon proliferation                                    B. Jasani,
                                                        J. Goldblat,
                                                        J. Rotblat (eds)

Postures for non-proliferation: arms    T&F             E. Schoettle
limitation and security policies to
minimize nuclear proliferation

SIPRI Yearbook 1979                     T&F             SIPRI

Chemical weapons:                       T&F             J. Goldblat,
destruction and                                         A. Kjellstrand,
conversion                                              R. Kumar,
                                                        K.H. Lohs,
                                                        J. Lundin,
                                                        T. Nemec,
                                                        J. Perry Robinson (eds)

Internationalization                    T&F             F. Barnaby,
to prevent the spread                                   J. Goldblat,
of nuclear weapons                                      B. Jasani,
                                                        M. Levinson,
                                                        J. Rotblat (eds)

The NPT: the main political             T&F             F. Barnaby,
barrier to nuclear weapon                               J. Goldblat,
proliferation                                           M. Levinson (ed.)

Warfare in a fragile                    T&F             A.H. Westing
world:  military impact on
the human environment

SIPRI Yearbook 1980                     T&F             SIPRI

World armaments and                     T&F             SIPRI
disarmament:  SIPRI
Yearbooks 1968-1979,
Cumulative Index
Nuclear radiation                       T&F             J. Rotblat
in warfare

SIPRI Yearbook 1981                     T&F             SIPRI
Agreements for arms                     T&F             J. Goldblat
control:  a critical survey

Outer space--a new                      T&F             B. Jasani (ed.)
dimension of the arms race

SIPRI Yearbook 1982                     T&F             SIPRI
The arms race and arms                  T&F             SIPRI
control (abridged yearbook)

Nuclear disengagement                   T&F             S. Lodgaard,
in Europe                                               M. Thee (eds)

Uranium enrichment and                  T&F             A. Krass,
nuclear weapon proliferation                            P. Boskma,
                                                        B. Elzen,
                                                        W. Smit

SIPRI Yearbook 1983                     T&F             SIPRI

The arms race and arms                  T&F             SIPRI
control 1983 (abridged

Nuclear power sources on satellites     SIPRI           SIPRI
in outer space,                                                 Fact Sheet

Environment warfare:                    T&F             A.H. Westing (ed.)
a technical, legal and
policy appraisal

Herbicides in war:                      T&F             A.H. Westing (ed.)
the long-term ecological
and human consequences

Countdown to space war                  T&F             B. Jasani,
                                                        C. Lee
No-first-use                            T&F             F. Blackaby
                                                        J. Goldblat,
                                                        S. Lodgaard (eds)

Space weapons--the arms                 T&F             B. Jasani (ed.)
control dilemma

SIPRI Yearbook 1984                     T&F             SIPRI
The arms race and arms                  T&F             SIPRI
control 1984 (abridged

The Iraq-Iran War and the arms trade    SIPRI           SIPRI
Fact Sheet
Explosive remnants of                   T&F             A.H. Westing (ed.)
war:  mitigating the
environmental effects

Safeguarding the atom:                  T&F             J. Goldblat (ed.),
a critical appraisal                                    D. Fischer,
                                                        P. Szasz

Nuclear non-proliferation:              T&F             J. Goldblat
a guide to the debate

Verification:  how much                 T&F             A.S. Krass
is enough?

How war might spread to                 T&F             M. Nincic

Non-proliferation:                      T&F             J. Goldblat (ed.)
the why and the wherefore

Policies for common                     T&F             (Multiple-author)

Arms in the '80s:  new                  T&F             J. Turner &
developments in the                                     SIPRI
global arms race (abridged

Effects of chemical                     T&F             A. Thomas
warfare:  a selective
review and bibliography
of British state papers
CBW Studies no. 1
Chemical warfare arms                   T&F             J. Perry Robinson
control:  a framework
for considering policy
CBW Studies no. 2
The detoxification and                  T&F             R. Trapp
natural degradation of
chemical warfare agents
CBW Studies no. 3
SIPRI Yearbook 1985                     T&F             SIPRI
Arms production in the                  T&F             M. Brzoska,
Third World                                             T. Ohlson (eds)

The chemical industry and the           OUP             SIPRI-Pugwash
projected chemical weapons
convention, vol. I
CBW Studies no. 4
The chemical industry and               OUP             SIPRI-Pugwash
the projected chemical
weapons convention, vol. II
CBW Studies no. 5
Chemical and biological                 OUP             J. Perry Robinson
warfare developments:  1985
CBW Studies no. 6
Global resources and                    OUP             A.H. Westing (ed.)
international conflict:
environmental factors in
strategic policy and action

Biological and toxin                    OUP             E. Geissler (ed.)
weapons today

SIPRI Yearbook 1986                     OUP             SIPRI

Arms and disarmament:                   OUP             M. Thee (ed.)
SIPRI findings
(yearbook compendium)
Space weapons and                       OUP             B. Jasani (ed.)
international security

Satellites for arms control and         OUP             B. Jasani,
crisis monitoring                                       T. Sakata (eds)
Chemical weapon free                    OUP             R. Trapp (ed.)
CBW Studies no. 7
Overcoming threats to Europe: a         OUP             S. Lodgaard,
new deal for confidence and security                    K. Birnbaum (eds)

The uncertain course:                   OUP             C.G. Jacobsen (ed.)
new weapons, strategies
and mind-sets

SIPRI Yearbook 1987                     OUP             SIPRI

Arms transfers to the Third World,      OUP             T. Ohlson,
1971-85                                                 M. Brzoska

International organization for          OUP             N.A. Sims
chemical disarmament
CBW Studies no. 8
The ABM Treaty:                         OUP             W. Stützle,
to defend or not to                                     B. Jasani,
defend?                                                 R. Cowen (eds)

The Soviet defence                      OUP             C.G. Jacobsen (ed.)
enigma: estimating
costs and burden

Peace, defence and                      Macmillan       C. Schmidt,
economic analysis                                       F. Blackaby (eds)

Arms and artificial intelligence:       OUP             A.M. Din (ed.)
weapons and arms control
applications of advanced computing

Nuclear weapon tests: prohibition or    OUP             J. Goldblat,
limitation?                                             D. Cox (eds)
Arms transfer limitations and           OUP             T. Ohlson (ed.)
Third World security
SIPRI Yearbook 1988                     OUP             SIPRI

Cultural norms, war and the             OUP             A.H. Westing (ed.)

Non-production by industry of           OUP             S.J. Lundin (ed.)
chemical-warfare agents: technical
verification under a chemical
weapons convention
CBW Studies no. 9

Embargo disimplemented: South           OUP             S. Landgren
Africa's military industry

Superpowers at sea: an assessment       OUP             R. Fieldhouse,
of the naval arms race                                  S. Taoka

SIPRI Yearbook 1989                     OUP             SIPRI

Bases abroad: the global foreign        OUP             R. Harkavy
military presence

Success and failure in arms control     OUP             A. Carter

United States military forces and       OUP             S. Duke
installations in Europe

Stability and arms control in Europe:   SIPRI           G. Wachter,
the role of military forces within a                    A. Krohn (eds)
European security system
Research Report [no. 1]
Security at sea: naval forces and       OUP             R. Fieldhouse (ed.)
arms control

The naval arms trade                    OUP             I. Anthony
Strengthening the Biological Weapons    OUP             E. Geissler (ed.)
Convention by confidence-building
measures                                                CBW Studies no. 10
SIPRI Yearbook 1990                     OUP             SIPRI

The Non-Proliferation Treaty:           SIPRI           H. Müller,
political and technological prospects                   R. Kokoski
and dangers in 1990
Research Report [no. 2]
Europe after an American withdrawal:    OUP             J.M.O. Sharp (ed.)
economic and military issues

National implementation of the future   OUP             T. Stock,
Chemical Weapons Convention                             R. Sutherland (eds)
CBW Studies no. 11
The destruction of chemical weapons     SIPRI           Kh. Lohs, S.J. Lundin,
and chemical warfare agents                             T. Stock

Verification of conventional arms       Westview        R. Kokoski,
control in Europe: technological                        S. Koulik (eds)
constraints and opportunities

Military expenditure: the political     OUP             S. Deger, S. Sen
economy of international security

West European arms production:          SIPRI           I. Anthony,
structural changes in the new                           A. Courades Allebeck,
political environment                                   H. Wulf
Research Report [no. 3]

Security with nuclear weapons?          OUP             R. Cowen Karp (ed.)
Different perspectives on
national security

Germany and Europe in transition        OUP             A.D. Rotfeld,
                                                        W. Stützle (eds)

Views on possible verification measures OUP             S.J. Lundin (ed.)
for the Biological Weapons
CBW Studies no. 12
SIPRI Yearbook 1991                     OUP             SIPRI

Verification of the CFE Treaty          SIPRI           S. Koulik,
Research Report [no. 4]                                 R. Kokoski
Arms export regulations                 OUP             I. Anthony (ed.)

Verification of dual-use chemicals      OUP             S.J. Lundin (ed.)
under the Chemical Weapons
Convention: the case of thiodiglycol
CBW Studies no. 13

Restructuring of arms production        OUP             M. Brzoska,
in Western Europe                                       P. Lock (eds)

SIPRI Yearbook 1992                     OUP             SIPRI

Europe and naval arms control           OUP             A. Fürst,
in the Gorbachev era                                    V. Heise,
                                                        S.E. Miller (eds)

Security without nuclear weapons?       OUP             R. Cowen Karp (ed.)
Different perspectives on non-nuclear

Post-cold war security in and for       SIPRI           SIPRI
Fact Sheet

World inventory of plutonium and        OUP             D. Albright,
highly enriched uranium 1992                            F. Berkhout,
                                                        W. Walker
Arms industry limited                   OUP             H. Wulf (ed.)

The limited partnership: building a     OUP             J. Goodby,
Russian-US security community                           B. Morel (eds)

SIPRI Yearbook 1993                     OUP             SIPRI
Verification under the Chemical         OUP             R. Trapp
Weapons Convention: on-site inspection
in chemical industry facilities

Nationalism and ethnic conflict:        OUP             S. I. Griffiths
threats to European security
Research Report no. 5
Arms Watch: SIPRI report  on the first  OUP             E. J. Laurance,
year of the UN Register of Conventional                 S. T. Wezeman,
Arms,                                                   H. Wulf (eds)
Research Report no. 6
Central and Eastern Europe: the         OUP             R. Cowen Karp (ed)
challenge of transition

Crisis in Russia: facts and figures,    SIPRI           SIPRI
people and data,
Fact Sheet
India's Ad Hoc Arsenal: Direction       OUP             Chris Smith
or Drift in Defence Policy?

Security and Arms Control in            OUP             Jenonne Walker
Post-Confrontation Europe

Control of Dual-Threat Agents:          OUP             E. Geissler,
The Vaccines for Peace Programme                        J. P. Woodall (eds)
CBW Studies no. 15
Nuclear Non-Proliferation and           OUP             H. Müller, D. Fischer,
Global Order                                            W. Kötter

The Future of Defence Industries in     OUP             I. Anthony (ed)
Central and Eastern Europe
Research Report no. 7
SIPRI Yearbook 1994                     OUP             SIPRI
Implementing the Comprehensive          OUP             E. Arnett (ed)
Test Ban: New Aspects of Definition,
Organization and Verification
SIPRI Research Report No. 8
Conventional Arms Control:              OUP             S. Koulik,
Perspectives on Verification                            R. Kokoski
Sources and methods for SIPRI           SIPRI           SIPRI
research on military expenditure,
arms transfers and arms production,
Fact Sheet
Cambodia: the legacy and                OUP             T. Findlay
lessons of UNTAC
SIPRI Research Report no. 9
SIPRI Yearbook 1995: armaments,         OUP             SIPRI
disarmament and international security

The Soviet nuclear weapon legacy        OUP             M. De Andreis,
SIPRI Research Report no. 10                            F. Calogero
Regional conflicts: the challenge to    OUP             J. Goodby (ed)
US-Russian co-operation

Technology and the proliferation of     OUP             R. Kokoski
nuclear weapons

China's arms acquisitions from abroad:  OUP             B. Gill,
a quest for 'superb and secret weapons'                 T. Kim
SIPRI Research Report no. 11
SIPRI Yearbook 1996: armaments,         OUP             SIPRI
disarmament and international security

Nuclear weapons after the               OUP             E. Arnett (ed)
comprehensive test ban: implications
for modernization and proliferation
Ballistic missile proliferation: the    OUP             A. Karp
politics and technics
Challenges for the new peacekeepers     OUP             T. Findlay (ed.)
SIPRI Research Report no. 12
Europe from the Balkans to the Urals:   OUP             R. Lukic
the disintegration of Yugoslavia and                    A. Lynch
the Soviet Union
SIPRI: continuity and change, 1966-1996 SIPRI           SIPRI
A future security agenda for Europe     SIPRI           SIPRI
Report of the Independent Working
Russia and Europe:                      OUP             V. Baranovsky (ed)
The Emerging Security Agenda
Plutonium and highly enriched           OUP             D. Albright,
uranium 1996: world inventories,                        F. Berkhout,
capabilities and policies                               W. Walker
Military capacity and the risk          OUP             E. Arnett (ed)
of war: China, India, Pakistan
and Iran
The Chemical Weapons Convention,        SIPRI           J. P. Zanders
Fact Sheet                                             S. Eckstein
                                                        J. Hart
Arms, Transparency and                  OUP             B. Gill
Security in South-East Asia                             J.N. Mak
SIPRI Yearbook 1997: armaments,         OUP             SIPRI
disarmament and international security
The Defence Industry in                 OUP             J. Kiss
East-Central Europe:
Restructuring and Conversion
The Challenge of Old Chemical           OUP             T. Stock
Munitions and Toxic Armament                            KH. Lohs (eds)
Nuclear Weapons and Arms                OUP             E. Arnett (ed.)
Control in South Asia after
the Test Ban
Peace, Security and Conflict            OUP             SIPRI
Prevention: SIPRI-UNESCO                                UNESCO
Russia and the Arms Trade               OUP             I. Anthony (ed.)
Disarmament and Defence                 OUP             P. Batchelor
Industrial Adjustment in                                S. Willett
South Africa
SIPRI Yearbook 1998: armaments,         OUP             SIPRI
disarmament and international security
Chemical Weapon Destruction in Russia:  OUP             J. Hart
Political, Legal and Technical Aspects                  C. D. Miller (eds)
Arms Procurement Decision Making:       OUP             R. P. Singh (ed.)
Vol 1: China, India, Israel, Japan,
South Korea and Thailand
Towards and Regional Security Regime    SIPRI           P. Jones (ed.)
for the Middle East: Issues and Options

Russian Arms Transfers to East Asia     OUP             A. A. Sergounin
in the 1990s                                            S. V. Subbotin
SIPRI Yearbook 1999: armaments,         OUP             SIPRI
disarmament and international security

Biological and Toxin Weapons:           OUP             Erhard Geissler
Research, Development and Use from                      John Ellis van Courtland Moon (Eds.)
the Middle Ages to 1945

Brochures in Swedish, 1973-90

Svensk sammanfattning: SIPRI [Swedish summary:] World armaments and
disarmament, SIPRI yearbook 1973

Svensk sammanfattning: SIPRI World armaments and disarmament, SIPRI yearbook 1974
Världens rustningar-- SIPRI överflöd bland knapphet, 1976 [World armaments- abundance in scarcity, 1976]
Världens rustningar-- SIPRI kärnvapenhotet, 1977 [World armaments- the nuclear threat, 1977]
Rustning eller nedrustning? 1978 SIPRI [Armaments or disarmament? 1978]
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI SIPRI broschyr 1979 [Armaments or disarmament? SIPRI brochure 1979]
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI SIPRI broschyr 1980
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI SIPRI broschyr 1981
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm (ed.) SIPRI broschyr 1982
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm (ed.) SIPRI broschyr 1983
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm (ed.) SIPRI broschyr 1984
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm (ed.) SIPRI översikt 1985 [Armaments or disarmament? SIPRI overview 1985]
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm SIPRI översikt 1986
Rustning eller nedrustning? SIPRI R. Ferm SIPRI översikt 1987
Rustning eller nedrustning? A&W R. Ferm SIPRI översikt 1988
Rustning eller nedrustning? A&W R. Ferm SIPRI översikt 1990
Om kärnvapen och försöken A&W R. Ferm att stoppa deras spridning SIPRI Faktablad, March 1995 [On nuclear weapons and theattempts to halt nuclearproliferationSIPRI Fact Sheet, March 1995]
Internationellt förbud A&W R. Ferm mot kärnspräningar SIPRI Faktablad, March 1995 [The international ban onnuclear weapon testsSIPRI Fact Sheet, December 1996]
The Chemical Weapons Convention SIPRI Jean Pascal Zanders SIPRI Fact Sheet Susanna Eckstein April 1997 John Hart Iraq: The UNSCOM Experience SIPRI Gunilla Flodén SIPRI Fact Sheet Elisabeth French October 1998 Peter Jones Natalie Pauwels Jean Pascal Zanders

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