Massachusetts Peace Society

Massachusetts fredsforening. Tidlig amerikansk, fredsgruppe oprettet i 1815.
Blandt medlemmer var Sarah Blake, Joshua Pollard Blanchard, Solomon Blackslee, Ellery Channing, John Gallison, William Ladd, Sarah Phipps, Noah Worchester. Massachusetts Peace Society udgav tidsskriftet: the Friend of Peace 1815-1827.
Arkiv: Swarthmore.


Address delivered at the tenth anniversary of the Massachusetts peace society (1826).
Address, delivered at the eighth anniversary of The Massachusetts peace society, Dec. 25, 1823 / by Tyler Bigelow, Esq (1824).
Address, delivered at the fifth anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society, December 25th, 1820. (1821).
Massachusetts Peace Society: A catalogue of the officeers and members of the Massachusetts Peace Society, including branches or auxilleries, March 1, 1819. March 1, 1820. - Cambridge : Hilliard & Metcalf, 1819.
A sermon on war [microfilm] : delivered before the Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, May 30, 1816, and published at the request of the officers of the Peace Society of Massachusetts (1816).

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