Test on Website URL:

Our results - November 21, 2004

Test on using: Windows 98, 800x600 & 1024x768 resolutions, Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firfox 0.9.2, 56K dial up modem.

Platform specific:

No problems encountered.

Resolution specific: (IE 6 only)
@ 800x600 - OK
@1024x768 - OK

Browser specific: (Both @ 1024x768)
IE 6 - OK
Mozilla - OK

Connection specific:
Pages loaded quickly in under 10 seconds


Some pages fail basic industry standards (Web content accessibility guidelines WCAG 1.0) (

Some things you need to do:
make sure all images and non textual elements have an alternative (alt text) adding title tags to some of the links to inform the user were they go.
I recommend running the site through online tests (some tools can be found at

W3C Validation: HTML - 100 pages tested and all fail.

CSS - Valid CSS!

Usability: I think this site needs some 'structure' with a clear navigation menu. I think the English and German area's should be completely separate with no content used for each version but they should look the same.

It seemed strange that the link on the home page 'In English' took me to a FAQ page rather than a English version of the German home page. Once on the English FAQ page it looked as it that was it with no other pages, this is due to a lack of a navigation menu.

The font size is fixed, this is bad as people can not resize the text to make it bigger or smaller to read, text size should be a relative value (em, %) rather than absolute (px, pt).

All pages loaded quickly.

The hover effect over the links should be removed as it makes the text 'jump' because in your CSS the text size for a:hover is bold.

This site holds a lot of information and for it to be accessed easily by the visitor needs to be sorted into sections and added to a menu, a search facility would also be good.

Link check: All links tested worked OK.


I feel that two separate versions with some structure will improve this site, it's usability and the ability to find information.