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  1. Altes, Edy Korthals: The contribution of the EU to Peace and Security in an unbalanced world
  2. Avery, John: Against The Institution Of War
  3. Avery, John: Book Review: “Soldiers in the Laboratory”, by Chris Langley - April 26, 2005
  4. Avery, John: Developing the social responsibility of scientists and engineers.
  5. Avery, John: Eliminating the Causes of War
  6. Avery, John: The Future of International Law
  7. Avery, John: The illegality of nuclear weapons
  8. Avery, John: Malthus' Essay On The Principle Of Population
  9. Avery, John: The Overlooked Threat of Nuclear Weapons
  10. Avery, John: Pax Americana?
  11. Avery, John: Strengthening The Role Of The United Nations
  12. Avery, John Scales: Targeting Civilians .
  13. Avery, John: Ted Turner Protests Against the Death of Democracy .
  14. Avery, John: Towards A Sustainable Global Society
  15. Avery, John: The World As It Is, And The World As It Could Be
  16. Bartolf, Christian: Tolstoy's legacy for mankind: a manifesto for nonviolence
  17. Baum, Dan: The Price of Valor : We train our soldiers to kill for us. Afterward, they're on their own
  18. Chabarek, Peter: Bringing The War Back Home : Eugene Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center
  19. Chossudovsky, Michel: Coup d'Etat in America?
  20. Cole, Juan: Reagan's Passing
  21. Dickran, Karekin: Maria Jacobsen and the genocide in Armenia
  22. Dungen, Peter van den: Emil Flusser : A forgotten Precursor of the Medical Peace Movement.
  23. Hoodbhoy, Pervez : Bin Laden And Hiroshima
  24. Hørup, Ellen: Disarmament or Rearmament
  25. Inner Peace
  26. Isenberg, David: Pentagon's mini-nukes are just too cute
  27. Itano, Nicole: Peace Process Often Ignores Female Ex-Soldiers
  28. Kaminski, John: Aspects of treason : The latest in a long list of reasons why Bush and his friends should be in jail
  29. Kumar, Ravindra: Fundamental Principles of Civilization
  30. Kumar, Ravindra: Gandhi: the Mahatma
  31. Kumar, Ravindra: Gandhi, Non-violence and Democracy with Special Reference to India
  32. Kumar, Ravindra: Indian View of Peace: With Special Reference to Buddha & Gandhi
  33. Kumar, Ravindra: Mahatma Gandhi and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis
  34. Kumar, Ravindra: Relevance of Gandhism in the Modern Polity
  35. Kumar, Ravindra: Social Organizations: Cultural and Moral Values
  36. Lee, Anne: Response (September 2003) to UK Ministry of Defence 'RAF Fylingdales Upgraded Early Warning Radar: Environment and Land Use Report' (23 June 2003)
  37. Lous, Eva: Karen Jeppe - Denmark's First Peace Philosopher
  38. Miller, Claus: Sign for peace
  39. Moret, Leuren : Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets : A death sentence here and abroad
  40. Moret, Leuren: Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover : 5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand
  41. Nagy, Thomas J.: Hemmeligheden bag sanktionerne : Hvordan USA med vilje ødelagde Iraks vandforsyning.
  42. O'Huiginn, Daniel: Denial of Water to Iraqi Cities
  43. Prashad, Vijay: Government Moves to Capture International & Area Studies
  44. Richards, Howard : On the Concept of Peacemaking
  45. Ruppert, Michael C.: Coup D'Etat : The Real Reason that Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA on June 3rd and 4th, 2004
  46. Sanctions against Iraq - what have we learnt? / Hans-C. von Sponeck ; Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
  47. Singer, Kurt D.: Autobiography
  48. Singer, Kurt D.: Letter from California
  49. Wheeler, Tim: Jailed Black Panther calls for amnesty
  50. Wittner, Lawrence S.: Did Reagan's Military Build-Up Really Lead to Victory in the Cold War?
  51. Wittner, Lawrence S.: Does the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Have a Future?
  52. Wittner, Lawrence S.: Einstein, Russell, and the Bomb: The 50th Anniversary
  53. Wittner, Lawrence S.: Have Peace Activists Ever Stopped a War? 2006
  54. Wittner, Lawrence S.: George Bush's Addiction to Nuclear Weapons

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