Women's Strike for Peace ; Women's International Strike for Peace

Aktuel amerikansk fredsgruppe oprettet i 1958 under den kolde krig. Nu Women for Peace.
Arkiv: Wisconsin Historical Society.
Se også: Women's Direct Action Committee ; Women's International Democratic Federation ; Women's World Assembly for Disarmament.


Nassau Prosecutor Says Peace Sign Violates NY Law, Threatens Arrest.
I: Civil Liberties, no 267, 1970 s. 8.
Committee on Un-American Activities: Communist activities in the peace movement : (Women strike for peace and certain other groups). Hearings before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives 87th Congress 1962. Second session December 11-13, 1962. pp. [2047]-2201.
Synopsis 2047
December 11, 1962: Testimony of—
Richard A. Flink 2068
Blanche H. Posner 2073
Ruth Meyers 2093
Lyla Hoffman 2103
Afternoon session (executive):
Elsie Neidenberg 2114
Sylvia Contente 2118
December 12, 1962: Testimony of—
Rose Clinton 2126
Iris Freed 2132
Anna Mackenzie 2138
Elizabeth Moos 2152
Afternoon session (executive):
Ceil Gross 2158
Jean Brancato 2163
Miriam Chesman 2166
December 13, 1962: Testimony of
William Obrinsky 2178
John W. Darr, Jr 2182
Dagmar Wilson 2187

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