Geografi ; natur og klima ; demografi ; historie ; krigsdeltagelse ; kultur ; film ; musik ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; kernevåben ; fredsbevægelser ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography; Nature and climate; Demography; History; Wars; Culture ; Art; Film; Music; Politics; Political parties ; Defense; Peace movements; Religion; Social conditions ; Education , Economics and Arms trade.
Géographie; Nature et climat; Démographie; Guerres; Histoire; Culture ; La musique; Politique; Partis politiques ; La défense; Mouvements de paix; Religion; Conditions sociales ; Éducation; Économie et commerce des armes

Skotlands religion

Se også: Skotteklostre / Scottish Monasteries / Schottenklöster.


The Scottish Catholic Archives
The Scottish Catholic Archives preserves, selects and makes available the archives of the Catholic Church in Scotland and abroad. Responsible for over 800 years of documentary evidence of the Catholic Church in Scotland and the wider world, the Scottish Catholic Archives is a major resource for understanding Scottish and European history. From letters of Mary, Queen of Scots; baptismal records for individuals such as Arthur Conan Doyle; and papers relating to Oscar Wilde, the collections relate to five continents and are written in at least 12 languages.
Gordon, James Frederick Skinner: Ecclesiastical Chronicle for Scotland I-IV.
- Glasgow, John Tweed, 1867.
'v.1-2. Scotichronicon: comprising Bishop Keith's Catalogue of Scottish bishops, enlarged; with Reeves' and Goodall's treatises on the Culdees.--v.3. Monasticon: an account (based on Spottiswoode's) of all the abbeys priories, collegiate churches, and hospitals in Scotland at the reformation.--v.4. Journal and appendix to Scotichronicon and Monasticon.'
Church of Scotland, eksempelvis Calderwood, David: The history of the Kirk of Scotland I-II.
- Edinburgh : Printed for the Wodrow Society, 1842. - 628+616 s.
- , og
Free Church of Scotland, eksepelvis Brown, Thomas: Annals of the disruption : with extracts from the narratives of ministers who left the Scottish establishment in 1843.
- Edinburgh : Macniven & Wallace, 1892. - 912 s.
Scottish Religious Houses abroad.

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