Spansk: zarabanda. I musik oprindelig centralamerikansk erotisk, dans fra middelalderen.
Musikeksempler: Sarabande à deux : Dancée par Mr. Blonde et Mlle. Subligny à l'Opéra de Tancrede.


The royall gailliarde : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majesty's birth day 1710 / the tune by Mr. Paisible ; engraven in characters & figures for the use of ma[ste]rs writt [sic].
- London : Printed for J. Walsh & P. Randall ... & J. Hare, [1710?].
'This ballroom dance for one couple, preserved in Feuillet notation, was choreographed by English dancing master Mr. Isaac (c.1640-c. 1720) to music composed by James Paisible (died 1721). The fifteen couplet dance begins in duple meter, changes to a triple meter sarabande at the tenth couplet, and changes once more to a canary on the twelfth couplet. The dance notation system, first published by dancing master Raoul-Auger Feuillet (1659 or 1660-1710), is based on tract drawings that trace the pattern of the dance. Additionally, bar lines in the dance score correspond to bar lines in the music score. Signs written on the right or left hand side of the tract indicate the steps.'

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