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fredslejre / Peace Camps

Peace camps are known from the 1920s onward.
Some of the peace camps were or is women peace camps, other camps included both genders, even though the camps were or is led by women. Some of the peace camps were or is small and existed for a short time only. Other camps were big and lasted many years:

Peace Camps Update
Disarmament Campaign, October 1982 p. 9.

Due to a lack of support, the following peace camps have (or are being) closed:

Women's Peace Camp, RAF Waddington, Lincoln - closed August 22
Burghfield Peace Camp, USAF, Buttonwood, Warrington - closed September 21
- Other camps which have been newly set up or re-organised are:
Albermarle Barracks, Guston, Northumberland - a 3-week camp holding a blockade on October 7-8
Brambles Farm Peace Camp, c/o Andy Smith, 3 Shebley Gardens, Cowplein, Hants - "housed" on the site of a proposed torpedo factory, peace campers were evicted in September 6th but returned shortly after.
Lossiemouth, north-east Scotland at the RAF base. Contact P. Macdonald, 14 Duff Street, Hopeman, Moray, Scotland.

Arrests: Persons from the peace camp at USAF Alconbury Base appeared in court September 10th to face charges of obstructing the highway during a die-in outside the American Embassy in London, June 7th;
Helen Young and Angela Needhem (Molesworth Peace Camp) have lost their appeal against their conviction of obstructing bulldozers from flattening a garden planted on the base by peace campers;
Persons from USAF Upper Heyford Peace Camp, charged with obstructing the highway during a die-in on August 25th outside the Russian Embassy in London were given conditional discharges for six months.
The Netherlands
The second Dutch women 's peace camp started at 18/19 September 1982 at the airbase Valkenburg. It is planned to stay as long as possible; negotiations with the local authorities are underway. A supporting demonstration is planned at October 3 at the airbase. Contact: Vrouwenvredeskamp Valkenburg, Postbus 1221, 2340 BE Oegstgeest, the Netherlands.
There are two principal forms of peace camps:
1) The early peace camps were summer holiday camps where youth from different countries were together, had fun, listened to lectures on peace and war as well as lectures about the organizations that were organizing the camps. One such camp was the International Youth Camp at Gilleleje 1926, which led to the establishment of the Danish War Resister's International, and
2) protest camps related to nuclear weapons and other military installations, especially intelligence bases.
Among the many peace camps should be mentioned:

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp /England),
Ann Arbor Women's Peace Encampment (USA),
Brawdy Women's Peace Camp (Wales),
Bridgend Peace Camp (Wales) 1982,
Brighton Women's Peace Camp (England),
Burghfield Women's Peace Camp 1982,
Burtonwood Peace Camp outside USAF Burtonwood, (near Warrington England),
Camp Casey (Texas),
das Camp im Dorf Reckershausen (Vest Germany),
Capenhurst Women's Peace Camp,
Cockburn Sound Women's Peace Camp,
Cold Lake Peace Camp Committee (Canada),
Comiso (Italy),
Faslane Peace Camp (Scotland),
Friedensdorf Mutlangen (Vest Germany),
Grossentingen (Nike-rockets, Vest Germany),
Fylingdales Star Peace Camp (England),
Greenham Common (England),
High Wycombe or Bradenham Estate Peace Camp (England),
International Peace Camp Geneva,
Kleine Brogel Peace Camp,
Lakenheath Peace Camp (CND Families Against the Bomb),
Lossiemouth Peace Camp (England),
Menwith Hill Peace Camp (1984 - 1987), Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp (England),
Minnesota Women's Camp for Peace and Justice (USA),
Nanoose Peace Camp or Nanoose Peace and Justice Camp (Canada),
Nansen Camps (Norway?),
Nevada Test Site Ongoing Peace Camp (USA),
Palmerola Women's Peace Camp (Honduras),
Peoples Peace Camp Molesworth (England),
Peace Camp at Fort Greely (Alaska),
Philadelphia Women's Peace Encampment (USA),
Pine Gap Women's Peace Camp (Australia),
Porton Down Women's Camp for Peace and Animal Liberation (England),
Puget Sound Women's Peace Camp (USA),
Rafah (Israel),
La Ragnatela Women's Peace Camp, Comiso (Italy),
Roysyth Peace Camp,
Sellafield Women's Peace Camp (England),
Seneca Women's Encampment for Peace and Justice also called Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace & Justice - Romulus, New York,
Silence One Silo Peace Camp,
Silicon Valley Peace Encampment (USA),
Tucson Peace Encampment (USA),
Upper Heyford Peace Camp (England),
Waddington Women's Peace Camp (England),
Waihopi Womens' Peace Camp, or Why Spy Waihopi. (US NSA spy base New Zealand (Aotearoa)),
Woensdrecht Peace Camp (the Netherlands),
Volkel Women's Peace Camp (the Netherlands),
Women's Peace Camp Airfield Gatow, (Berlin),
Women's Peace Camp (Nairobi),
The Women's Peace Camp at Ravnstrup (Denmark),
Women's Peace Encampment Savannah River Plant (USA),
Women's Peace Presence to Stop Project ELF (USA).

See also: Civil ulydighed ; direkte aktion ; fredssagen ; ikkevold ; kvindesagen ; Protest/Road Camps ; satyagraha.


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