abolitionisme ; slavesagen

Latin: Afskaffelse; ophævelse. Også anti-slaveribevægelsen i USA og England, eksempelvis organiseret i verdens første menneskerettigheds­gruppe the Society for the Relief of Free Negroes unlawfully held in Bondage, grundlagt af Anthony Benezet i 1775 og The American Anti-Slavery Society, grundlagt i 1833 af William Lloyd Garrison. Også politisk parti i USA i perioden 1775-1870. Senere grundlægges New England Non-Resistance Society.
I London grundlægger engelske kvækere the Anti-Slavery Society.
Første lovgivning mod slaveri i Pennsylvania i 1780.
Blandt tidlige slaverimodstandere kan, ud over Anthony Benezet, nævnes kvækerne, James G. Birney, Moses Brown, Susan Brownell Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Elisabeth Fry, Samuel Hopkins, the Hutchinson Family Singers, Benjamin Lay, Ralph Sandiford, Granville Sharp, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sojourner Truth, John Woolman, samt Robert Carter III, Lydia Maria Child, William Whipper og William Wilberforce.
Blandt danske slaverimodstandere kan nævnes: Grundtvig.
Se også: African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance ; Anti-Slavery International ; jubelsang ; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ; the Underground Railroad.


Anti-Slavery International: The Recovered Histories collection of pamphlets and supplementary texts including the writings of British abolitionists Thomas Clarkson, Zachary Macaulay, James Ramsay, James Stephen, Elizabeth Heyrick and William Wilberforce, as well as their American counterparts, including William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass and Angelina Grimke...
Alexander, G. W.: Om den moralske Forpligtigelse til og det Hensigtsmæssige af Strax og fuldstændigt at ophæve Slaveriet i de dansk-vestindiske Kolonier. - Købenahvn : Studenterforeningen, 1843. - 27 s.
Benezet, Anthony: A caution to Great Britain and her colonies.
Benezet, Anthony: Observations on the inslaving, importing and purchasing of Negroes : With some advice thereon, extracted from the Epistle of the yearly-meeting of the people called Quakers held at London in the year 1748. - Germantown : 1760.
Benezet, Anthony: Some Historical Account of Guinea … With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the slave-trade … Also a republication of the sentiments of several authors of note on this interesting subject; particularly an extract of a treatise by Granville Sharp. - Philadelphia : Joseph Crukshank, 1771. - 144 s.
Benezet, Anthony: A short account of that part of Africa, inhabited by the Negroes : With respect to the fertility of the country; the good disposition of many of the natives, and the manner by which the slave trade is carried on. (in the year MDCCLXII. [1762])
- Philadelphia: : Printed by W. Dunlap, MDCCLXII. [1762]
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The New York Review of Books, Volume 52, Number 12, Thursday, July 14, 2005.
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Hochschild, Adam: How the British Inspired Dr. King's Dream.
Lay, Benjamin: All Slave-Keepers that Keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, etc. 1737.
Liberty chimes. Ladies' anti-slavery society, Providence, 1845.
Free speech, by N. P. Rogers. - Reform, by Wendell Phillips. - The American union, by Adin Ballou. - The nation's destiny, by A. H. Price. - What can a woman do? by Richard Hildreth. - The reception of slave holders at the north, by G. W. Stacey. - Treason! by C. K. Whipple. - The bond-woman's prayer, by Eliza Storr. - Is christianity, the religion of peace, adapted to this world? by S. E. Cones. - The pledge and prospect of peace, by Elihu Burritt. - The contrast, by J. R. Lowell. - Self reliance, by H. Clapp, jr. - A thought upon emancipation (anon.) - The slave-wife, by Frances H. Green. - The slave-mother, by S. L. L. - A letter, by John Brown. - Lines written in November, by Sarah H. Whitman. - Ahmed's letters, from "The Kosmian." - The golden ball, by Sarah H. Whitman
Sandiford, Ralph: A Brief Examination of the Practice of the Times. 1729.
Sewall, Samuel: The Selling of Joseph. 1700.
Tolstoy, Leo: The slavery of our times. 1900.
Turnbull, David: The Jamaica movement for promoting the enforcement of the slave-trade treaties, and the suppression of the slave-trade; with statements of fact, convention, and law (1850).
Wesley, John: Thoughts on Slavery. 1774.
Woolman, John: Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes. 1754.

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