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The information contained in this website is for learning and information purposes only.

Any person

browsing or using this website does so exclusively on own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for any harm or negative consequences that might arise from accessing this website or using the contents thereof.

Example #1:

Anyone that might be motivated to join the military as a result of browsing this website, should know that such an action could be considered dangerous to his or her own health. Becoming a soldier is a dangerous occupation and people have been known to have been seriously killed or injured while participating in military operations.

Example #2:

Anyone that might be inspired to emulate some of the feats and adventures that may be described in this site, should be warned that many of the activities described here can be dangerous. For example: If you should ever attempt to blow up a train, you could easily blow up yourself or er -- well -- indeed, the actual train…

Example #3:

Anyone that may find his or her emotions so stirred up by the contents of this website, so as to cause him or her to throw a brick at his or her computer screen, should be warned that such an action could result in serious temporary or permanent damage to said equipment or his or her own person. Striking the screen with one's fist could result in similar, but more serious personal damage.

Surgeon General's Health


Involvement in military action may be dangerous to your health and may lead to conditions such as severe injury or death.

List of known side-effects of war:

  1. Severe financial loss and poverty
  2. Temporary or permanent physical disability
  3. Acute and persistent attacks of anxiety, fear, nervousness
  4. Severe eating and sleeping disorders
  5. Loss or destruction of personal and national property
  6. Severe psychological disorders
  7. Severe damage to social stability
  8. General severe suffering


The Danish Peace Academy.